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SMOKO electronic cigarettes are purposely designed to encourage simple, easy and effective usability with no more than two attachable parts needed at one time. This simplicity is what makes SMOKO products so user-friendly, guaranteeing the upmost satisfaction for all SMOKO customers.

Now, once you have purchased your SMOKO product, you must carefully remove the plastic wrapping sealed around the box. Once removed, open the box from the top where you will find everything you need to begin inside. First, you must locate the white cylindrical battery and one single cartridge. Once you have them both in your hands, remove the yellow sticky hygiene tip at the end of the cartridge and screw the cartridge into the battery. Now you are all set. Inhale deep and slow for no more than three to five seconds. You’ll begin to notice something you have never felt before; the wonderful taste of your new journey with us here at SMOKO. It’s as simple as that!

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