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If you’re up for adventure and feel the need for speed then go for some phenomenal freefalling at one of the UK’s top activities - Airkix Indoor Skydiving at Xscape in Milton Keynes and the new tunnel in Manchester, located by the Trafford Centre.

Just like jumping out of an aircraft, the Airkix indoor skydiving experience comes with an awesome adrenaline high. You’ll be flying in a wind tunnel up to 14ft in diameter with wind speeds of up to 130mph.

Airkix is simple and safe and suitable for anyone from age 5 - 105. There’s no jumping, plunging, plummeting or hurtling – just full-on fun. You’ll be given all the gear and a comprehensive training brief from a highly skilled International Bodyflight Association instructor.

As the wind tunnel generates speed you just lean forward onto the airflow and naturally assume a horizontal flying position, freefalling in a controlled and fun indoor environment. No previous skydiving experience is needed as an instructor will assist you every step of the way ensuring you stay in control and have an amazing time freefalling in the wind tunnel. After your Airkix flight you have the option of taking home a DVD and pictures of your freefalling adventure to share with friends and family

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