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Gas and Electricity Products Explained

Compare green energy price plans

Green Energy

Environmentally Friendly Energy

More and more energy suppliers are now offering green energy, a tariff based on renewable energy that is produced from natural sources, such as wind and solar power, which do minimal harm to the environment. Unlike fossil fuels these sources are infinite.

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Compare prepayment gas and electricity price plans


Pay for your energy use in advance

Pre-payment meters allow customers to 'pay as you go' and budget over a period of time. You cannot move from a prepayment meter without contacting your current gas and electricity supplier but you can use our comparison tool to find a cheaper energy supplier.

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Compare fixed price gas and electricity tariffs

Fixed Price Products

A set price for a set period

If you’re looking for stability in a fluctuating energy market a fixed price plan may be for you. These plans allow you to fix your gas and electricity prices for a set period of time. If you are currently on a fixed or capped tariff please check with your current supplier before moving as exit fees may apply.

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Compare Economy 7 electricity tariffs

Economy 7

You can still switch!

Economy 7 is a tariff which charges you a lower electricity rate at night allowing you to heat water during this time and save money. If you are an existing Economy 7 customer you cannot change to a non-Economy 7 tariff without contacting your electricity supplier first. You can, however choose to keep your meter and use our comparison tool to change supplier.

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Supplier Reviews

New! Give feedback on your supplier and read reviews by other users in our supplier review section.