Travel insurance Turkey

Turkey has been a convenient and great value holiday spot for several decades now, and for many British tourists who return every year, the country is like home from home.

But however familiar you are with your holiday destination, you should always make sure you have packed in your case the right travel insurance for Turkey.

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Why is it important to buy travel insurance for Turkey?

Turkey travel insurance is a vital aspect to your holiday as, if you were taken sick or had an accident there and needed to be treated in a hospital, you would have to fork out for the cost. And while you may think that Turkey is a cheap holiday destination, this will certainly be enough to change your mind! Treatment can run into thousands of pounds, especially if you need to be repatriated back to the UK.

Does the EHIC card cover Turkey?

Many tourists assume that, if they are armed with their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) - which gives you access to reduced-cost emergency medical treatment within the European Union member states - their medical expenses will be covered whilst holidaying in Turkey. 

But this would be a double whammy of a mistake. Firstly the EHIC card is not valid in Turkey - and secondly, even if it was, it would not replace the requirement for Turkey travel insurance.

This is because, while the EHIC would give you reciprocal medical treatment in the countries in which is valid, it won't cover other expenses such as repatriation to the UK or paying for a friend or relative to stay by your bedside.  The long and short of it is, you will need your own separate travel insurance for Turkey.

Will I be covered for Scuba diving?

So what should you look for? Turkey is renowned for its scuba diving and many tourists head to the country for that reason alone.  However, this is something to watch out for when you are buying your Turkey travel insurance. Sports like these may not be covered under a standard policy and - even when they are - only to a certain depth, for example 30 metres. Make sure you look carefully at the terms and conditions of the Turkey travel policy before purchasing.

What other exclusions might apply to Turkey travel insurance?

The other important question you need to ask yourself is whether insurers consider Turkey as Europe at all. The short answer is some do and some don't - so if you are buying travel insurance for Turkey that is not a worldwide policy, make sure your insurer includes Turkey under European cover.

Turkey is also a hotbed of all-inclusive hotels, which is another potential stumbling block in your travel insurance for Turkey.  For example, this can mean unlimited alcohol which could see you unwittingly excluded from the policy. After all, one of the most common exclusions with travel insurance Turkey is 'injury caused while under the influence of alcohol'.  So while you should enjoy yourself, make sure you have read the small print first.

What kind of Turkey travel insurance cover should I opt for?

When you are shopping around for your Turkey travel insurance, give some thought to whether you want a single-trip policy or an annual deal. The general benchmark is that if you go away more than twice in a year, it makes economic sense to get an annual policy. Again, if you do not opt for a worldwide policy, make sure that Turkey is covered under your provider's terms and conditions for Europe.

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