Travel insurance Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are popular with UK tourists all-year-round. Although the islands are Spanish, they are located off the west coast of Africa which means they are warm and breezy during the UK winter as well as in summer.

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The importance of travel insurance for the Canary Islands

But whichever of the Canary Islands - which include Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura - you are planning to visit, you will need to ensure you are covered with Canary Islands travel insurance. After all, if you were to fall ill or have an accident on one of the islands you would need to seek medical treatment. And if you need to be repatriated home, it could cost tens of thousands that you simply may not have. 

Basic emergency healthcare is covered under Spain's reciprocal healthcare arrangement with the UK, but anything above and beyond this could be costly.

Getting travel insurance for the Canary Islands, which are commonly known as the Canaries, will also mean you are covered if your luggage is lost or stolen. It will also pay out if the trip needed to be cancelled, so long as it was for one of the reasons listed on the policy's terms and conditions.

When you are shopping around for the right Canary Islands travel insurance, bear in mind that you will have to choose an excess, which is the first part of the cost of any claim that you agree to stump up. Make sure you know exactly what this excess is and that you can always afford it.

How will a European Health Insurance Card help me?

Whichever one of the Canaries you are heading for, it is worth packing your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This card, which is available free of charge from any Post Office, gives you access to reduced-cost or free emergency medical treatment within the European Union member states should you need it. And as the Canaries belong to Spain, your card will apply.

However, it is not a substitute for Canary Islands travel insurance. If you get stuck in hospital and need a friend or relative to stay with you, it won't cover their expenses.  The EHIC card also won't cover the cost of you getting back to the UK once you have been in an overseas hospital.

Typical Canary Islands exclusions

As with any travel policy, travel insurance to the Canary Islands will come with some typical exclusions that you should be aware of when shopping around for the best deal. Pre-existing medical conditions is the most common, but your policy is also likely to exclude certain adventure sports such as parasailing. It may also exclude missed flights and cancelations or delays for certain reasons. This is why you should look out also for the small print on your Canaries travel insurance and not just opt for the cheapest deal.

Keeping the kids entertained

The Canary Islands are very family-friendly but you will still need to keep the kids entertained before you arrive. And with a flight time of around 4.5 hours from Gatwick, preparation is key. 

Get the kids involved in the packing process - they could even have their own case that you could take as hand luggage. Take plenty of puzzles and word games on the plane which shouldn't be opened before you are in the air. Depending on the airline there may be films and games that will keep them entertained and, turbulence permitting, you can always take regular trips around the plane to see what you can spot beginning say, with a certain letter.

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