That's My Hero!

When we were little, we all had a hero to aspire to, whether it was our parents, a brother or sister, or a superhero with extraordinary powers like Superman! And the kids of today are no different, so here at MoneySupermarket, we want to know all about your child's or grandchild's hero.

We've teamed up with Tots100 for our 'That's My Hero!' Competition, so if your kids love to draw why not submit their work of art and give them a chance of winning one of our brilliant prizes!

Our new TV advert is all about Alan, who jets off into space and becomes his son's hero, so we thought we'd get all of you involved and let your little ones get creative!

And the winners are...

Chosen completely at random, the winners of That's My Hero are:

  • £500 Toys R Us vouchers - Keani with her drawing of her brother 'Super Dex' on her mum's No Discernable Talent blog

  • £200 Toys R Us vouchers - Nakita and Casey with their picture of their very own 'Super Mum' on The Real Super Mum blog
  • £50 Toys R Us vouchers - Biscuit and Crumb from My Little 3... and Me with their drawings of each other
  • £50 Toys R Us vouchers - Rebecca on the Diary of the Evans-Crittens blog, who drew her Daddy
  • £50 Toys R Us vouchers - Joshua and Daniel for their drawings of their sister, Trinity, on The Beesley Buzz blog

Congratulations! We would also just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that entered That's My Hero - we have absolutely loved seeing all of the adorable drawings!


By entering your blog post into That's My Hero! you could win vouchers to spend in Toys R Us! The fantastic prizes we're giving away are:

  • 1st - £500
  • 2nd - £200
  • 3 runners up - £50 each

Who's your hero?

We asked MoneySupermarket's head of car insurance, Steve Sweeney, to tell us who his son's hero is. The reaction from 5 year old Ben was priceless! Steve said "Ben's hero is Batman today", and when asked why, Ben said it was because "he can do karate and kick you in the face".

Ben's hero last week was Jessica Ennis, when asked what she does he replied "running, jumping and stick fighting"!

His hero can change from week to week, but his favourite hero remains consistently his daddy - awwwwwwwww!