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Sony Lamp Module for Lx1000/Kl-50W2U/Kf-Ws601, Xl-100E/Xl2300 Rear Projection Tv Projectors

Sony Lamp Module for ...

original sony lamp module oem lamp set-up delivers the optimum performance within the projector setting made to fit sony lx1000/Kl-50w2u/Kf-ws601, ...more »

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My First Month With 3DTV

I had to have one, just had to have one. 3DTV beaming at me from the corner of my living room just seemed like the most essential purchase I could make. I spent hours researching TV sets, Blu Ray players, HDMI cables and the pros and cons of active/passive viewing to come up with my set up - So let’s take a look at my final set up, how/why I chose it and how I’ve been getting on with it. The TV VS The first mistake anyone can make when buying a TV is to think that bigger is always better.... Continue Reading »