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Since their introduction to the consumer market in 1967, microwaves have become a staple in almost every household. They offer a convenient way to re-heat last night’s supper as well as a great way to cook dishes in a simple manner.

Microwaves, as their name suggests, use microwave radition to heat polarized molecues within the food you are trying to heat up. In short, the waves heat up the water content of your food, which in turn heats the food itself.

There are numerous price points, from cheap microwaves, all the way up to high-end commercial grade ones. All feature similar functionality, but as you go up in price, you are offered more control over cooking temperature, programmable featuers, and other conviniences. Microwaves are also available in a variety of sizes, to meet different needs. The standard model is a compact, or small, that is generally used for reheating food, and is the most common model found in homes. There are also large-capacity microwaves which can be used to cook entire meals, such as roasts or turkeys.

There are numerous advantages of using a microwave oven as opposed to other cooking equipment. Microwaves cook at a much lower temperature than ovens and stove top burners, making them relatively safer. Since microwave cookware is immune to the heat generated by the microwave oven, the chances of you burning yourself on a microwave safe dish are much lower than if you were pulling a pan out of the oven.
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