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steepletone Chichester Light Wood Turntable CD Radio Cassette Record Player NEW

steepletone Chichester Light Wood ...

Brand: steepletone / Model: chichester / MPN: CHICHESTER / Drive Type: Belt Drive / Speed Settings: 33.3RPM, 45RPM, 78RPM / Features: Built-in ...more »

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Take your next party or gathering to the next level with easy to use DJ equipment that takes the dull old fashioned playlist and makes your parties more interactive and fun. With fully integrated mixers and controls, you are able to have pinpoint control over your MP3’s much like how a traditional DJ would be able to control and manipulate tracks on vinyl with turntables. Now that most music libraries are fully digital, you are able to hook mixers, like the Hercules DJ, up to your computer via the USB port and within seconds you will be controlling the party with your DJ skills.

Most digital mixers are compatible with DJ programs like Virtual DJ and Traktor Pro and require little setup to get started. Another benefit of these fully integrated mixers is their portability. Gone are the days of DJs lugging tons of crates, boxes, and bulky equipment. All you need are these modestly sized mixers with their built in wheel touch pads, your computer with its music, and a sound system. And just because these mixers and equipment are smaller than their predecessors doesn’t mean you will be sacrificing performance. These devices perform at the highest level and are used by some of the top DJs in the world. And because music is in a digital format, you are able to use more effects, manipulate the track, and create a whole new listening experience. It is easier than ever to be a DJ and with enough practice, who knows; even you could be headlining a major festival or be playing in Ibiza before you know it.
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