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Roberts Sportsdab II

Roberts Sportsdab II

Radiorecorder - Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB): DAB

Featured offer: £72.78 at Amazon (Consumer Electronics)

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Roberts Sportsdab V

Roberts Sportsdab V

Radiorecorder - Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB): DAB/DAB+

Featured offer: £44.83 at Amazon (Consumer Electronics)

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Roberts R 9995
4 offers from
Pure Evoke D2

Pure Evoke D2

Radiorecorder - Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB): DAB/DAB+/DMB

Featured offer: £99.79 at Amazon (Consumer Electronics)

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Pure Move 2500

Pure Move 2500

Radiorecorder - MP3 Playback - USB Interface - Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB): DAB/DAB+

Featured offer: £69.95 at Amazon Marketplace (Consumer Electronics)

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Roberts Classic Dab 2
13 offers from
Roberts Sportsdab IV
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Roberts Sportsdab III

Roberts Sportsdab III

Radiorecorder - Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB): DAB/DAB+

Featured offer: £114.24 at Offers from

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Roberts Sports 925
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For all mobile music needs, a portable radio lets the user share his or her listening experience with others. Even with competing technology, such as CD players and the growing mp3 player market, radio has remained a dominant part of society. It is an inexpensive way for users to listen to the latest popular songs, receive news, or even tune in for chat shows.

Radio is available at home and in many cars, but there are also many models of portable radios that let users listen in their own particular style. Many top brands offer radio models in contemporary sleek styles and they also have vintage styles in stock that call back to older days of radio for both the nostalgic or fashionable consumer. The contemporary radio models have an LCD screen which displays a digital tuner and menu. More retro models maintain the traditional analogue tuner which slides up and down the frequencies with a classic dial.

Though radios may be classic they are not without their features and upgraded technology. Most portable radios have an input connection for headphones, so that listening can be done in a solitary manner. Models also have a sleep feature that sets a timer, when enabled, to turn off the device after a set amount of minutes. A DAB radio, or digital audio broadcasting radio, is slowly becoming the standard in many countries, replacing the older FM and AM frequencies. With digital radio, the sound quality raises and mobile listening becomes easier and less static is heard.
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