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Sony PS3 - 12GB Bundle
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Sony PS3 - 12GB
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Sony PS3 SLIM 500GB Bundle
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Sony PS3 SLIM 500GB
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Sony PS3 SLIM - 320GB

Sony PS3 SLIM - 320GB

Table / Portable: Table - Hard Disc Capacity: 320 GB - Software Medium: Blu-ray - Basic Colour: ...

Featured offer: £179.99 at Zavvi

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The first-person shooter genre, much like its in-bred cousin the action film, has never really been known for its engrossing storylines. FPS gameplay doesn’t need a reason or excuse for pulling a trigger, and this is most apparent with the popularity of the COD line. Gamers flock to multiplayer mode ignoring the single player campaign. At least with World at War you had to beat the game to unlock zombie mode, but since that’s not even necessary for the new Black Ops, many of my mates... Continue Reading »

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