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Believe it or not, there was music before the invention of the iPod. Prior to the development of the MP3 player, there was the CD player and before that the walkman and before that even the 8-track. Music has always held a high place in our society, but today it is more widespread than ever. It was not too long ago when bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones were able to establish long legacies, but today it seems that there is a brand new collection of hot artists each year. This push for a constant supply of new music has been fueled in large part by MP3 players.

We are all familiar with the most popular of the bunch, the iPod. The rapid development of MP3 players like the iPod have made it possible for us to store and listen to excessive amounts of music at all times. These tiny devices are capable of carrying days and even years worth of music. Apart from functioning as a massive music library, you can also store your favourite pictures and videos on the latest devices.

The odd part is that prior to the development of the MP3 player, people thought that there would never be anything that exceeds the likes of the walkman. In fact, the walkman was at one point considered to be ahead of its time. This makes me wonder, what will come after the MP3 player?
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There is a common misunderstanding that LCD televisions do not get a burn in, but that is simply not true. While the Plasma TV might be more susceptible to burn in, LCD TVs can still fall victim to this curse. However, burn in is becoming less of a problem as major television producers are learning how to control it. While a faint stain will remain, it will slowly fade with time. So if burn in is not the major difference between LCD and plasma televisions then what is? The two televisions are... Continue Reading »

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