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Humax Digital HDR-1100S

Humax Digital HDR-1100S

Set Top Boxes - Category: Receiver - Hard Disk Capacity: 1000 GB - DVB-S: DVB-S2 (HD) - HDTV

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Manhattan Plaza HDR-S Freesat HD Recorder - 500 GB

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A Freeview HD box revolutionises the way people watch television by making TV programming adhere to the watcher’s schedule instead of having the watcher at the mercy of live TV. A Freeview recorder allows its users to record television programs for later view. A user can even watch a live program while recording a different channel or record two programs at the same time, while still making previously recorded material available for users to watch without disrupting the ongoing recordings. These recording features allow the user to pause live TV, skip over undesirable parts of a program or even rewind parts the user may have missed. Many Freeview HD boxes have a large capacity for recorded material with some able to hold up to 300 hours of television shows in a 500 MB hard drive. Recorded material can also be backed up to external devices for storage.

Freeview recorders make it easy to record what a user is watching or schedule recordings for a later time. Freeview boxes also have a series recording feature that will automatically schedule all episodes of a series to be recorded as they air. Users no longer have to miss the premier of their favourite shows and the no longer have to be reminded to watch episodes or televised events because the freeview recorder will do all the work without the user having to spare a thought. Freeview HD also makes a wide variety of channels available to the user in stunning high definition. When connected to an HD television, programs can be viewed in the highest quality as they were meant to be seen.
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