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Samsung WD1704RJE

Samsung WD1704RJE

Washing Machine - Freestanding - HxWxD: 85x60x60cm - Front Loading - Spin Efficiency: A - Water ...

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When you begin to compare washing machines in order to purchase one, you will most likely be searching for washing machine deals. You will first need to decide whether you want a combined washer-dryer or a separate washing machine and tumble dryer. The benefit of the latter option is that the work load is shared between the two machines, so you can be drying one load whilst washing a second. Combined washer-dryers have a drum size of a normal washing machine. Tumble dryers have larger drums than washing machines, so with a washer-dryer, it can’t dry large loads very effectively. After washing a load, you’d most likely need to remove some clothes and dry the load in two shifts. So a washer-dryer will most likely be more time consuming and it has more parts, so may be more likely to break down.

If you buy separate machines, an electric vented tumble dryer will be the cheapest tumble dryer because it generally uses less energy than condenser models. Washing machines have a range of drum sizes. A machine that holds five to six kilograms of washing is perfect for a small household, while drum sizes that can hold eight to eleven kilograms are ideal for larger households.
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