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Sony PS3 SLIM 500GB
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Sony PS3 - 12GB
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Sony PS Vita Wi-Fi + 3G

Sony PS Vita Wi-Fi + 3G

Table / Portable: Portable - Software Medium: Flash Memory Card - Basic Colour: Black

Featured offer: £154.99 at Amazon (Movies, Music & Games)

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Playstation 3 Console: Gaming Console and DVD Player

For a dynamic and versatile home media system, the Playstation 3 console offers an all in one gaming and DVD player. With multiple options and great PS3 deals and games, this system is at the top of its game. While the Playstation 3 console (PS3) has been out for a few years now, it is still a top of the line gaming console. However, it does not stop there. Unlike its rival consoles: Xbox360 and Wii, the PS3 is geared towards providing a full-range of entertainment, rather than being just... Continue Reading »

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