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Nikon D5200 - Digital camera + AF-S DX 18-55mm and 55-200mm VR lenses - black

Nikon D5200 - Digital camera + ...

Following on from the success of Nikon's D5100 is the D5200, with its 24.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and impressive 6400 ISO sensitivity. The D5200 comes ...more »

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With the ability to deliver a pristine image, SLR cameras have been the weapon of choice for professional photographers since their creation. Crisp photos, portability and practicality make Single Lens Reflex cameras the ideal choice for photographers of all levels. Needless to say, it is a timeless staple in the world of photography. From Ansel Adams to Annie Leibovitz, every photographer found their roots in the SLR camera. To say the least, it is the workhorse in the world of photography.

While it is a timeless piece, the SLR camera has evolved accordingly with the camera industry. Film photography slowly became less popular with the emergence of digital photography. This shift in popularity sparked the emergence of the digital SLR camera. While it is a shame that film photography is slowly dying, digital is nothing to frown upon. With its emergence, comes an entirely new way of snapping photographs. Pair digital prints with photoshop and you have yourself a new artform.

Today, you will find that top brands such as Canon and Nikon dominate the market for DSLR cameras. In demonstrating a standard of excellence, both brands have earned their place as the face of casual and professional photography. With a wide variety of entry level cameras as well as some more intricate models, Canon and Nikon are sure to deliver a fine product for any and every photographer. They are the face of the industry and continue to evolve and adapt along with it. There is no question that you will find top products from both manufacturers.
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Blog: nikon d5100 16 2 megapixel ...

Phones as Digital Camera: Sony Ericsson k800i

Oh the places you’ll go with your new camera phone. And you’ll be sure to remember those places because of all the pictures you’ll take.  In the beginning, it was all well and good to be taking grainy and blurry pictures on our phones because of the novelty of the feature. Now, however, since most mobiles come equipped with digital cameras as a standard, we should probably be taking this feature a little more seriously. Today I’ll be doing a quick comparison between a similar priced... Continue Reading »

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