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Nikon D100

Digital Camera - Effective Pixel: 6.1 MP - 1.8" Display - 1x Digital Zoom - Weight: 700 g - Changeable Lens - Compact ...
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Nikon D3100

Digital Camera - Effective Pixel: 14.2 MP - 3" Display - Weight: 455 g - Changeable Lens - SD Card - SDHC Card
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Nikon D7000

Digital Camera - Effective Pixel: 16.2 MP - 3" Display - Weight: 690 g - Changeable Lens - SD Card - SDHC Card
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Ski Slope Essentials

We know you’ve been dying for an excuse to purchase a set of walkie talkies. No one’s buying your other lame attempts at justified reasons (your son is not even born yet and the likelihood of aliens coming and knocking out all mobile phone base stations is small). Start planning a ski or snowboard holiday because walkie talkies on the slopes make perfect sense. Mobile phone coverage is so spotty that it’s only logical to use walkie talkies, not to mention how fun they are. (Over.) Most... Continue Reading »

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