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For most men, shaving is a horrendous daily inevitability. While we all may have looked forward to the ritual before we could grow a beard, it has now become nothing more than a nuisance.

While most men have probably perfected the art of a clean shave, the experience is generally less than enjoyable. One way to keep your face happy, and actually improve the whole detrimental regiment is to add a quality mens aftershave to your palette.

To many men, aftershave is seen as an unnsessecary expense and product. However, it should be treated with the same importance as your shower gel and shampoo. Aftershave for men serves quite a few useful purposes. First of all, most aftershaves contain alcohol (those with sensitive skin can opt for an alcohol free version), which serves as an antiseptic. This is especially useful if you have incurred any small lacerations during your shave. Secondly, it acts as a moisturizer. Shaving removes essential oils found on your skin, and can leave your face dry. A good aftershave will moisturize your skin, helping you keep it healthy. One of the biggest reasons the thought of shaving can cause many men to cringe is the dreaded irration, or razor burn, that can occur after you have shaved. A proper aftershave will soothe your skin and help prevent that irritating rash.

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