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Kensington Keyfolio Bluetooth For Ipad K39336WW
8 offers from
Logitech Tablet Keyboard For Ipad2
2 offers from
Sandberg 630-41 Mini Bluetooth Keyboard UK
1 offers from
Logitech Keyboard Case For Ipad 2
2 offers from
Accuratus Image For Ipad
2 offers from
Trust Computer 17807 Bluetooth Keyboard
4 offers from

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Blog: ipad 2

iPad 2 - Thinner, Lighter, Faster, Facetime, Smart Covers, 10 Hour Battery

Last night I was glued to my computer watching all the information come flying in about the iPad2. Did it live up to our hopes and expectations? Will we be upgrading on 25th March? How many of the rumours turned out to be true? Let’s take a look at the biggest rumours first (We covered these in our previous post) and see what we got and what we didn’t. Cameras Facetime was a “dead cert” from the outset, with its integration on the iPhone 4 many were confused as to why it wasn’t on... Continue Reading »

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