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As we consume more and more media, form movies to video clips to games on our computers, having an optimal viewing experience is essential. Anyone who has worked with a large, crisp monitor will attest to this fact. Luckily there are many models, sizes, and features available.

For someone who is spends a lot of time working with multiple windows, investing in a set of cheap monitors will pay huge dividends. The advantages of this type of set up are numerous, and the enhancement of your workflow will be instantly noticeable.

While desktop users are all too familiar with the importance of good PC monitors, people who use their laptop at a work station may find them quite useful as well. Most laptops do not come with large screens, so it is easy to quickly crowd your work space with windows, spreadsheets, etc. A separate monitor can be used both in conjunction with, and as a replacement for you screen.

PC monitors are available in a variety of sizes, with most falling somewhere between 17” and 24”. Finding the right size really depends on the space you have available, as well as your personal preference. If you watch a lot of movies on your screen, or need to view documents and websites with larger font sizes, a big monitor is perfect for you. With many PC monitors featuring AV and HDMI inputs, they can also be used with DVD players, video gaming consoles, or television receivers.
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