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*New* Genuine Denon D-F102DAB / DF102DAB DAB Aerial

*New* Genuine Denon D-F102DAB / ...

*New* Genuine Denon D-F102DAB / DF102DAB DAB Aerialmore »

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Almost everyone has a mobile phone (or two) in this modern age, yet for some reason mobile phone service can be unreliable and seems to fail you when you need it the most. Walkie talkies provide the reliability in even the remotest areas that mobile phones just can’t promise. Instead of satellite or phone lines walkie talkies use radio frequencies, so as long as you are within a reasonable distance of another 2-way radio or radio receiver and on the same channel, you will be able to communicate uninterrupted and clearly.

Many parks, rural areas, wilderness areas have little to no mobile phone service, so quality communication that goes interrupted, or communication at all for that matter, is difficult to find. If you ever find yourself in these remote areas, quality communication is even more important in case of an emergency. 2 Way radios are a cheap and reliable way to stay in touch and have a life line. Walkie talkie range varies by make and model, with some transmitting only a couple of miles with some able to transmit upwards of 25 miles. Walkie talkies run on rechargeable alkaline batteries and adapters to ensure you are never low on power.

Walkie talkies are usually sold in pairs, so you can put one in your car and take one with you on the go. Walkie talkies work with other 2 way radios via a set radio frequency, so you can scan radio frequencies and connect to other people with walkie talkies.
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