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Denon DF107DAB Music System Without Speakers

Denon DF107DAB Music System ...

Denon DF107 DAB Music System Without SpeakersDAB+ Stereo Receiver DRA-F107DAB- 65 W x 2 High Power OutputCD Player DCD-F107- Clean and pure soundmore »

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A top of the line home theatre system once consisted of surround sound speaks and 5.1 or even 7.1 sound system, but with new technology, high quality sound can be achieved with a much less complicated speaker setup. Mini hi fi systems only consist of two speakers with some models able to simulate a surround sound quality and without sacrificing the bass levels that usually require a separate subwoofer to be generated.

These mini systems can enable input from numerous devises with some models designed as a standalone device and others designed for a cinema system and to be integrated with a television and DVD or Blu-ray player. Most standalone models have a sleek design, meant to be the center of attention. They are capable of play CDs and have an LCD display that lets the user know what song is playing. The LCD screen also displays the time and has an alarm that can be set by the user. They also have an integrated mp3 player dock that plays music stored on the device while simultaneously charging it. Some mini systems are able to receive digital radio signals which offer the high quality sound that streams uninterrupted and does not degrade in clarity.

Mini hi fi systems are perfect for users who want the best quality sound for their home theatre system, but do not have the room or means for a large sound system. Mini systems offer a clear quality sound that has the same depth as other more complicated systems.
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