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Becker Vision Pro 7985

Becker Vision Pro 7985

DVD Player / Recorder - Portable DVD Player - DVB-T (MPEG2)

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Panasonic DMR-PWT420

Panasonic DMR-PWT420

DVD Player / Recorder - Static DVD Player - 3D - 1080p Upscaling - HDMI Interface - Blu-ray ...

Featured offer: £292.80 at 1st Audio Visual

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Buffalo LinkTheater High Definition Nfiniti Wireless Media Player - Grade A Refurb

Buffalo LinkTheater High ...

Enjoy High Definition digital movies, music and photos on your TV with Buffalos LinkTheater ...more »

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Blu-ray players are steadily growing in popularity. If you are torn about whether to find a cheap Blu ray player for sale or buy a cheap DVD player, look no further than this basic guide. Blu-ray players are ideal if you have a high-definition TV, especially 1080p models, which can display the enhanced detail contained on Blu-ray discs. A basic Blu-ray player won’t cost you much more than a standard DVD player. Prices have been dropping as manufacturers compete for market share, and they will most likely continue to drop. Blu-ray players can also play standard DVDs and CDs. Newer players can also stream video from the Internet, giving you access to Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster on Demand, CinemaNow, Netflix, Vudu, and more.

Standard DVD players are of course still available. Virtually all new standard players are progressive-scan models. When they are used with an HDTV, they’ll provide better picture quality than standard-definition TV programming.

Then there’s the DVD recorder, which can record standard-definition TV programs on removable discs.

The bottom line is that if you don’t plan to buy a high-definition TV set anytime soon, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a Blu-ray player because you won’t be able to experience the enhanced picture quality.
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Say Goodbye to Digital Cameras

With the emergence of the smart phone comes the death of digital cameras. Companies like Google and Apple are working hard to put as much technology as possible into as small of a gadget as possible. They have already managed to incorporate the worldwide web, photo and recording software, as well as millions of apps. The mobile phone is on its way to being a mobile computer. Soon you will find little use for your cameras, camcorders and even your iPads, dare I say it. OK, maybe we are a ways... Continue Reading »

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