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Britax-Römer Römer Car Seat for Kids, Kid Plus Sict Design 2014, Black Thunder

Britax-Römer Römer Car Seat for ...

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Britax-Römer Roman Summer Baby Seat Cover Duo Plus

Britax-Römer Roman Summer Baby ...

Brand: Roemermore »

Offers from Shipping: £19.77, Delivery time: unknown
It’s important to choose a child car seat that is suitable for your car and your child, as well as fitting your needs. If you will be taking the car seat in and out of the car frequently, you will be better off with a lighter seat. Or if you regularly drive for long periods of time, a seat that reclines will help your child sleep and ensure that they are more comfortable.

It’s imperative that you choose a seat that has been made for your child’s height and weight. Babies need to be in rearward-facing child car seats. Once your child is above the maximum weight or the top of his head is above the top of the seat, then they need to be put into a forward-facing seat. Don’t move your child to a forward-facing seat until they weigh at least nine kilograms and can sit up unaided. A forward-facing seat should be for children weighing 9-18 kilograms, or roughly nine months to four years old. Child seats should be used in the rear seats of the car. They should never be used in the front passenger seat if there is a passenger airbag in the front.

It’s helpful to ask the manufacturer or retailer if a certain seat will be suitable for your car and child. Britax allows customers to enter the details of their cars on their website to find which seats will best fit, along with the best position for the seat. Also make sure that the seat meets the United Nations standard, ECE Regulation 44.03 or 44.04. Look for the ‘E’ mark.
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