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Husky Carlsberg Fridge

Husky Carlsberg Fridge

Husky Carlsberg Fridgemore »

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Husky HY208 Carlsberg Mini Fridge - drinks chiller - freestanding - dark green

Husky HY208 Carlsberg Mini Fridge ...

Probably the best beer fridge in the world... The HY208 Carlsberg Mini Fridge features Carlsberg branding across its dark green solid door and ...more »

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If you’re debating between cheap chest freezers and cheap fridge freezers, you should research both kinds. A cheap fridge or freezer should be energy efficient. You might pay a low price for the chest freezer or fridge freezer, but if you end up spending more because of the unit’s high energy consumption, then you won’t gain any benefit. Heavy-duty hinges, competent compressor units and thick insulation all assure energy efficiency. You should measure the amount of space on the sides, front, and back of the model. Buying the right size is important because buying a unit that’s too big will end up costing more money. You should also be sure that there will be enough space to open the door in the place you’d like to install the unit. And keep in mind that colour matters; basic white models are usually less expensive than stainless steel or black models.

Also, the traditional upright models with top-mounted freezers are generally priced lower. There are also cheap chest freezers in most markets. Many cheap models, however, defrost manually; they do not offer an auto defrost function. So if you want an auto defrost feature, you may need to spend a bit more money.
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