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Minky 122 x 38cm Blue and White Deluxe Ironing Board Cover

Minky 122 x 38cm Blue and White ...

This Minky Deluxe Ironing Board Cover and thick felt pad for superior ironing and a professional finish. With its snug fit nose pocket and a pull to ...more » Shipping: £0.00, Delivery time: In Stock
There are different types of ironing boards, portable ones being the most popular. The legs of a portable ironing board are foldable, so the board can be stashed in a closet when not being used. The height of the board can be adjusted, offering you the freedom to iron clothing while standing or while sitting and watching TV.

Then there is the wall-mounted ironing board. It folds out from a wall in your home, and then folds back up when the ironing is finished. These are easy to install in, say, a walk-in closet and they save space. There are even door-mounted boards, which are very similar.

Table-top ironing boards are also available for purchase. These offer the utmost portability, as they are very small and compact. The legs on table-top boards are extremely short, so that it can be placed atop a table or desk. They are ideal for dormitories and apartments. However, these become a problem if you are trying to iron trousers, shirts with long sleeves, bed linens, and dresses because there is simply not enough room for them to drape over. So while they take up little space, they’re often only appropriate for ironing doll clothes, pants, and socks. And I doubt that most people iron those things. The full-size ironing boards really become quite compact when not in use or can easily be hidden away.

Some of the top-selling ironing board brands are Rowenta, Polder, Seymour, Whitney Design, and Better Lifestyle. They can be found in department stores or online, of course.
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