Sandstrom Silver Series HDMI Cable with Ethernet - 3m, Silver

Sandstrom Silver Series HDMI Cable with Ethernet - 3m, Silver

The 3m Sandstrom HDMI Cable with Ethernet will give you a great High Definition connection, making sure you enjoy the HDTV experience with all your digital devices, with this combined HDMI and Ethernet cable. The Silver Series HDMI Cable carries video, audio and data streams in a single cable, maximising the networking capabilities of today's entertainment devices and cutting down on cable clutter. Sandstrom's Silver Series Cables are perfect cost-effective solutions for HD cable and satellite, cinema surround sound systems, games consoles, DVD/Blu-ray players and AV receivers, with a 10.2Gbps data transfer rate and 1080p resolution capability. Gold-plated connectors on Sandstrom's 3m Silver Series HDMI Cable with Ethernet and 3-layer shielding maximise conductivity and effectively suppress interference from other devices.

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