Aqua Sphere Seal Tinted Lens Goggles - Transparent

Aqua Sphere Seal Tinted Lens Goggles - Transparent

The Aquasphere Seal is a hybrid goggle that combines the superior visibility and exceptional comfort of the Seal Mask with the low profile and hydrodynamics of the Kaiman Goggles. It has a flexible, one-piece frame and comfortable, watertight skirt that provides for hours of swimming and water sports enjoyment. The low profile, wrap-around design of the Seal creates less drag, has greater hydrodynamics and is ideal for fitness swimming or swim training. The unique Plexisol lens provides 100% UV protection and is fog and scratch resistant, while the innovative easy-adjust buckle system of the Seal also allows for quick and easy adjustments during training.The one-touch, Quick-Fit Buckle allows for a perfect fit with simple adjustments - even during use - and the stabilizing nose bridge keeps fitting secure and comfortable.

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