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Sony Video Game Consoles

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Sony PS Vita Wi-Fi

Sony PS Vita Wi-Fi

Table / Portable: Portable - Software Medium: Flash Memory Card - Basic Colour: Black

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We have come a very long way since the days of Pacman and Atari. With hundreds of titles and a number of major players in the market, video games have become an integral part in the development of the youth. While many games are frowned upon as violent and gory, there are a number of family friendly and even educational games. Of the three major video game producers, Nintendo is the only one that places a large emphasis on creating family friendly games. Sony and Microsoft aim to generate top-flight gaming experiences in terms of graphics, storylines and gameplay for the more mature gamers.

The Playstation 3 by Sony has left a mark on the industry and is currently the best gaming system on the market. Apart from featuring the best graphics and an expansive collection of wildly amusing games, it comes equipped with some of the best accessories. It might have a steep price tag, but for good reason. First and foremost, it steps outside of the gaming world by featuring a built in blu-ray DVD player. No other system has this feature and you would be lucky to find one for much cheaper than what the entire PS3 would cost you. If you are not convinced by the blu-ray player, then you might be drawn in by the free online play. Mind you that the Xbox 360 charges on a monthly basis for internet access. A cheap ps3 is readily available at Moneysupermarket along with other great playstation 3 deals on controllers and games.

Spending a little bit of extra cash on this super machine is well worth it. No other system, not the Xbox 360 or Wii, compares to the likes of the PS3 in terms of both gaming and video entertainment, and no other website to Moneysupermarket in terms of ps3 deals.
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