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Nintendo Video Game Consoles

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The Wii Console has come in as the unofficial winner of this generations top selling game systems. It has beat out the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 with more units sold than any of its competitors. The price of the cheap Nintendo Wii has certainly been a factor; with its launch price coming in below the competition, but it also has a wider appeal than the other more serious gamer targeted systems.

The Wii’s design and library of games has made it ideal for family or group activities. The motion control games make it easy for anyone to play and do not require any prior experience with video games. The variety of games range from sport simulation and multi-player games to more traditional video games. It is a system for both serious video game players and those individuals simply looking for an enjoyable activity.

Much as the cheap Nintendo DSI employs unconventional game playing with its touch screen and stylus, the Wii’s remotes, or Wiimotes, go beyond the confines of joystick and button controls. By moving the Wiimote in front of the sensor bar, which comes standard with every Wii console, the player’s motion is picked up by the game and with the Wii MotionPlus upgrade the player’s movements can be recorded more accurately than ever before. The Wii can accommodate a large number of wiimotes, depending on the game, to all many players at one time. There are also many Wiimote accessories, such as a golf club or steering wheel attachment, which enhance your gaming experience.
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