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For listening to media on the go, maintaining audio privacy, or for just shutting out the noise of the outside world, a good pair of headphones enhances any listening experience. There are a model of headphones to fit in with any user’s life style and needs. For a basic pair, ear bud style headphones are a great buy. They are a favourite among mp3 player owners, the earbuds becoming the standard headphones for iPod products. Their ear pieces fit comfortably in the ear canal and despite their basic, simple shape, they still provide a good sound quality.

As for users that demand a high quality sound, with the average user unable to transport his or her high quality speaker system with them, investing in high quality headphones is the next step. Many top electronic brands offer headphones for aspiring DJs that provide a deep bass and comfortable and reversible ear pieces. There are also headphone models, known as noise cancelling headphones which shut out more than 80% of ambient noise in whatever location the user inhabits. This noise cancelling feature can also be disables if the user so desires.

Those looking for headphones for running and who are tired of having ear pieces fall out of the ear canal or slip off their heads, there are a special model of head phones specifically designed for sports and other lively activities. Some modes are designed to wrap around the ear for secure but comfortable positioning towards the ear canal. Others use a design similar to some earplugs that creates a stable seal within the canal.
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