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Samsung UE22F5000

Samsung UE22F5000

The UE22F5000 television from Samsung is a 22 inch LED screen with HD TV 1080p resolution.With 2 ...

Featured offer: £174.00 at John Lewis

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Daewoo DLT-37 C 3

Daewoo DLT-37 C 3

Panel TV - LCD - 37" Display - HD ready - 16:9 - HDMI Interface - DVB-T (MPEG2) - Contrast Ratio: ...

Featured offer: £723.53 at Amazon (Consumer Electronics)

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Atec AV421

Atec AV421

Panel TV - LCD - 42" Display - HD ready - 16:9 - HDMI Interface - DVB-T (MPEG2) - Contrast Ratio: ...

Featured offer: £980.97 at Amazon (Consumer Electronics)

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Samsung UE48H6400

Samsung UE48H6400

Samsung UE48H6400 Smart 3D 48" LED TV 3D viewing Full HD Touchpad Voice interaction

Featured offer: £414.17 at EMA Electronics

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When looking to upgrade your current television for an LCD TV, the first thing you might notice is the vast number of choices. The internet is a great place to start your research as you can quickly and easily compare the best TV deals online.

As with most consumer products, there are a variety of manufacturers, price points, and technical features to keep in mind. The best thing to do is compare TVs while keeping your own needs in mind. If you don’t mind a television that gets a bit jumpy when handling fast moving images, then a cheap LCD TV might be the right option for you.

Higher priced and higher quality televisions offer numerous advantages. Cheap LCD TVs often fail to give you the best picture available, and can sometimes lack the desired number of inputs and customizable features you are looking for. In contrast, high end televisions are easily integrated into even the most advanced home entertainment system, and allow incredibly control over picture settings. The quality of picture and level of control of your television should all be kept in mind when you are searching for LCD TV deals.

If you plan on watching a lot of sport, or films wit loads of action, make sure that your television has a fast refresh rate. Simply put, this just refers to how quickly a picture refreshes on your screen. The more moving images a television has to process, the higher the corresponding refresh rate needs to be to provide an optimal viewing experience. features some of the cheapest TV deals you will find on many major brand names. Some of the most trusted names in the LCD TV market are Sony, LG, Samsung, and Panasonic.
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