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Apple Macbook Air ...

Intel ® Core™ i5 I5-4260U - 128 GB Hard Drive - Screen Size: 13.3 "
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Acer Aspire ES1-111M

Intel® Celeron ® N2840 CELERON - 32 GB Hard Drive - Screen Size: 11.6 "
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HP Chromebook ...

Nvidia® TEGRA K1 - 16 GB Hard Drive - Screen Size: 14 "
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Lenovo G50-70

Intel® Core™ i3 I3-4005U - 500 GB Hard Drive - Screen Size: 15.6 "
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My laptop that I purchased four years ago is starting to give out and I am back on the market. While Dell and Apple laptops dominate the market, I am hoping to explore a number of other options as well, including: Toshiba, Acer and HP. While I used to spend a lot of time gaming and playing with graphics, I am no longer that deep into PC games. My previous laptops were all geared up for gaming and came equipped with powerful processors, 4 GB of RAM and a top of the line graphics card. Now that I... Continue Reading »

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