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Samsung Galaxy Tab ...

8 GB Storage Capacity - Operating System: Android - Max. Battery Life: 7 hours - Weight: 276 Grams - WiFi Data Exchange ...
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Amazon Kindle ...

16 GB Storage Capacity - Operating System: FIRE OS - Max. Battery Life: 8 hours - Weight: 337 Grams - WiFi Data ...
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Asus Memo Pad HD 7 ...

16 GB Storage Capacity - Operating System: Android - Max. Battery Life: 10 hours - Weight: 302 Grams - WiFi Data ...
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Lenovo Essential ...

AMD® E1-Series E1-2100 - 500 GB Hard Drive - Screen Size: 15.6 "
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How to Compare Laptops Based on Your Needs

In olden times, early electronic consumer man’s criteria while hunting for laptop deals centered around whatever was the fastest and most powerful within his price range. This was in part because the technology for pairing the functional with the portable was still evolving. Early man was simply trying to find a laptop that could keep up with the barest expectations he put on his desktop. Now there are laptops that rival desktops in capability, so processing speeds and size aren’t much of... Continue Reading »

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