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Acer Aspire ...

Intel ® Celeron ® 1019Y CELERON - 500 GB Hard Drive - Screen Size: 11.6 "
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Apple Ipad Mini ...

32 GB Storage Capacity - Operating System: APPLE - Max. Battery Life: 10 hours - Weight: 331 Grams - WiFi Data Exchange ...
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Asus Eee Pad ...

16 GB Storage Capacity - incl. Keyboard - Operating System: Android - Max. Battery Life: 9 hours - Weight: 1100 Grams - ...
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HP Pavilion ...

AMD A4-SERIES A4-5000 - 500 GB Hard Drive - Screen Size: 17.3 "
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Laptops for DJs

With the introduction of computer based DJ software such as Serato Scratch Live and Native Instruments Traktor Pro, laptops are becoming as much of a staple in DJ’s set up as the traditional mixer and turntable. In some cases, they are even replacing the turn table entirely. Wither a DJ employs “controllerism” (a style of DJing where the MIDI interfaces are used to manipulate and mix sounds via a digital DJing platform), or digital turntablism (where the DJ uses a traditional turntables... Continue Reading »

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