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Braun D12 Dual ...

The Oral-B D12 Dual Clean Toothbrush boasts an oscillating head with 7600 rotations every minute to ...Shipping: £0.00, Delivery time: 1 days
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Philips Sonicare ...

31.000 brush strokes per minute. Full charge should last for 3 weeks (42 2-minute brushings). ...Shipping: £0.00, Delivery time: In Stock
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Water Pik ...

Flossing excellence, cordless convenience Lightweight, cordless and easy to use, the Waterpik? ...Shipping: £0.00, Delivery time: Usually dispatched within 24 hours
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Philips Sonicare ...

Fast: autofire mode cleans between all the teeth in just 30 seconds Effective: removes up to 99% ...Shipping: £0.00, Delivery time: Usually dispatched within 24 hours
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Homemade Ice Cream

Have you ever whipped up your own ice cream? Ice cream makers are actually quite fun and make extraordinarily tasty ice cream and sorbet. With the Magimix Gelato Ice Cream Maker, you simply choose your recipe, pour your ingredients in, and 20 minutes later you have ice cream or sorbet that is ready to savor. The ice cream maker has an extra removable bowl and, unlike most other ice cream makers, has its own built-in freezer. Some excellent recipes to try include: apricot sorbet, chocolate... Continue Reading »