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Apple Imac MF885

All In One PC - Intel® Core™ i5 I5-4590 - 1000 GB Hard Drive
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Intel ® DN2820FYK

Micro - Intel® Celeron ® N2820 CELERON
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Intel ® D54250WYK

Micro - Intel® Core™ i5 I5-4250U
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Apple Mac Mini Mgem2

Micro - Intel® Core™ i5 I5-4260U - 500 GB Hard Drive
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Desktop Setup: Dual Monitors

I spend a large portion of my day working in front of my desktop pc. Generally, I have multiple windows open and often times I get lost in all my documents. I have an excel sheet here, a word document and multiple browsers all over the place. I constantly find myself clicking all around my screen trying to find where I put a certain window. Finally, I decided that it was time to get myself a second monitor. Using a dual-screen set up has helped get everything a little more organized and made me... Continue Reading »

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