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We know your computer is tethered to your life, so let our shopping bloggers untangle the knots with expert tips for choosing the best computer products and software. Whether you're shopping for Apple laptops or any variety of desktop PCs, MoneySuperMarket will help guide your search with comprehensive product searches and online shopping guides. Need to find the cheapest laptop deals before starting your new job or class? Not only will our bloggers point you to the computer that best matches your needs, we'll tell you which software will give you an advantage right out of the gate.

Our electronics coverage doesn't stop there, however. For those who can't stop getting turned around on the way back from the market, we've got coverage of the very latest sat navs to guide you home safely. From Garmin units to the cheapest TomToms, we'll help you find the best sat nav deals available today.

If you're a Windows or Mac user, an iPad sofa junkie or coffee house wireless squatter, or just an average Joe looking for your first computer, take a deep e-breath and relax. We know computers, and we're here to help.

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