Shave the way to ‘Happy Skin’ with a razor that hydrates your skin like no other…

Make your skin ‘happy’ with a razor that is kind – New Wilkinson Sword HYDRO Silk™ – is the ONLY razor to moisturise skin for up to two hours, whilst giving you an incredibly close shave.

We can all relate to the feelings of happiness and inner confidence that silky smooth legs, after a great shave, can deliver. But what if your razor could do more and actually hydrate your skin at the same time? Thanks to the new HYDRO Silk™ razor from Wilkinson Sword, which moisturises skin for up to two hours after shaving* – longer than any other razor on the market** – you need wonder no more.
After four years of extensive research and development, involving thousands of consumers, Wilkinson Sword is proud to unveil a fresh approach to women’s razors. The Wilkinson Sword HYDRO Silk™ razor is the first to combine advanced technology that gives an incredibly close shave with an all-in-one razor that replenishes moisture, delivering silky smooth skin that is happier than ever.
Specifically designed for women, the Wilkinson Sword HYDRO Silk™ razor boasts significant technological advances to give our best shave for your skin.

Water-Activated Moisturising Serum
Infused with marine extracts and shea butter, this unique serum activates on contact with water, helping to replenish skin’s natural moisture with every stroke. What’s more, it offers moisturising benefits for up to two hours after shaving, for glowing skin.
5 Curve-Sensing™ Blades
Wilkinson Sword’s first five-bladed female razor delivers an amazingly close shave. The five-blade combination is designed to adapt naturally to women’s curves as each of the blades is individually suspended. The blade tips are designed to help reduce the pull sensation of hair being cut, giving you a comfortable shave that leaves skin irresistibly smooth.
Unique Skin Guards
The unique skin guards work in combination with the 5 Curve-Sensing™ Blades to help reduce skin irritation. They even-out the skin’s surface to help prevent it getting caught between the blades, providing a unique, super smooth shaving experience.
What’s more Wilkinson Sword HYDRO Silk™ razor has been thoughtfully designed with Women’s specific needs in mind:
Oval Razor Cartridge
The Wilkinson Sword HYDRO Silk™ razor’s distinctive oval design allows you to manoeuvre efficiently around female curves and contours with ease, while the small head makes it easy to navigate around sensitive areas that require special care and attention.
Ergonomic Aqueous Handle
The new stylish Wilkinson Sword HYDRO Silk™ razor handle has been ergonomically designed for optimum control, allowing you to adjust your grip, depending on which area you are shaving. The design ensures the razor can be placed on a flat surface without the blades touching it – helping to keep your blades protected and your bathroom clean.
The mix of breakthrough technology works in combination with the unique razor design. It delivers an exceptional shaving experience with surprising benefits you wouldn’t ordinarily expect. Unlike other razors, it cares for your skin by helping to replenish the moisture, which shaving can take away, to leave you with hydrated skin that feels cared for and happy.
The Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk™ Razor RRP is £9.99 and replacement blades £8.49 for a pack of 3. Available from supermarkets and all good retailers nationwide.

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