Say Goodbye to Digital Cameras

With the emergence of the smart phone comes the death of digital cameras. Companies like Google and Apple are working hard to put as much technology as possible into as small of a gadget as possible. They have already managed to incorporate the worldwide web, photo and recording software, as well as millions of apps. The mobile phone is on its way to being a mobile computer. Soon you will find little use for your cameras, camcorders and even your iPads, dare I say it. OK, maybe we are a ways away from integrating all of those things into one small gadget, but the point and shoot camera is definitely on its way out.

HTC introduced a smart phone capable of taking pictures in 8MP. While the Incredible S Android smart phone is only available in Singapore at the moment, it will not be long before it goes worldwide. Five years ago, digital cameras with 8MP were considered top of the line. Today, you see cameras with 12 and 14MP, which in all honestly is nothing but excessive. In any case, megapixels might draw your eye, but for quick and easy picture taking, the smart phone is taking over the industry. When you are walking down the street and something worth snapping a photo of happens, you see more people reach for their smart phone than for their digital cameras.

Not only are some smart phones beginning to match digital cameras in terms of picture quality, but they also feature equally sized, if not larger, screens for immediate viewing. They fit in your pocket and serve multiple other functions, including voice calls, in case you did not know that. Ten years ago, people were talking about the Motorola Razr being a ground-breaking cell phone. I can only imagine what people are going to be saying in another five years about the smart phone, if it has not been replaced by then.

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