Ripley’s – we believed it!

Review of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, London

I’ve wandered past Ripley’s Believe It or Not a few times whilst pounding the streets around Piccadilly Circus and there always seems to be a hive of activity going on at the entrance, with larger than life characters bouncing around causing a scene!

So I decided to investigate this further and took my 9 year old son there for a visit during the recent school holidays.    Ripley’s is conveniently situated on the corner of Piccadilly Circus and the respective tube station brings you right outside where imposing bright red Ripley’s signage assures you that you’ve arrived.

The Ripley’s Believe It or Not attraction was brought together by the late Robert Ripley who during the early to mid-twentieth century created his own TV series, newspaper and radio show built around the discovery of  odd and fascinating facts from across the globe.    The Ripley’s empire is huge with various entertainments endorsed by his name.

So to the London Museum – advertised as containing ‘700 peculiar, amazing and fun exhibits to blow your mind’ – perfect for an imaginative 9 year old boy!

Whilst queuing we already started being entertained as some jester was picking out volunteers out to lie on a bed of nails!!

As the attraction spans six floors, we were ushered into lift and shot up to the top floor where we were confronted by the 8ft man and measured up against this fine specimen who was born in 1918.

As we moved around the various themed rooms they were TV screens playing out the weird and wonderful, together with many touch and feel exhibits including a giant piece of the Berlin Wall and the electric chair!  Many exhibits are behind glass but when you’re looking at a four foot long matchstick model of the Tower Bridge and the Titanic, you can understand why!

Matthew became obsessed with the Olympics over the summer and there was an exhibit of authentic Olympic torches from the last century.  He spent ages weighing up each one and discovering which games they represented.      As we went up and down floors, Matthew ‘s favourite saying seemed to be, ‘Did that really happen’ and ‘Is this actually real’!  Needless to say he was suitably entertained by the whole experience!

One of my favourite parts was the Mirror Maze and before we went in we had to put gloves on so we didn’t print on to the mirrors.  What a mind bending experience that was!  People walk around slowly like Zombies with their hands out in-case they bang into a mirror!    Full length mirrors to the front, back and sides on various angles means you can be watching yourself walk off in different directions and see reflections of people in front of you that aren’t actually there!  The aim of the game is to get out of the maze which is easier said than done!

Admission into Ripley’s is £26.95 for adults and £21.95 for children aged 4 – 15.  Personally I don’t think the attraction is suitable for under 7’s as there is an element of in depth reading to understand some of the exhibits and some of the freakish things on show can be horrifyingly fabulous!

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