Point and Shoot with the Samsung ST500

If you don’t consider yourself to be a photographer, you probably just want a nice point-and-shoot camera. You don’t need any fancy cameras to record birthdays, holidays or your everyday madcap adventures; you just need something to jog your memory.

Even if you do define yourself as an artistic photographer, there’s no need to be a SLR snob; you still want to carry around a compact point-and-shoot camera as a side arm just in case something catches your eye. They’re great for quick draw, from-the-hip shooting.

My suggestion would be to go with Samsung digital cameras or their point-and-clicks to handle your compact needs. This South Korean electronics company, founded in 1969, is one of the world’s top technology companies and is holding their own against more established camera manufacturers like Sony, Nikon or Canon.

A great little camera put out by this electronics company is the Samsung ST500. It’s an ultra-portable model, its body is maybe three times thinner than its fully extended lens, and is around 12 megapixels. It has a 4.6 optical zoom lens which is pretty good for a compact camera and also has a 3.5 inch LCD with a resolution of 230k, making it more convenient to view your picture. To add to its convenience, the 3.5 inch LCD has a smart gesture user interface (basically a touch screen) which allows you to turn the camera on by simply tapping it.

What makes it stand out is its unique dual LCD. The second LCD in the front is about 1.5 inches and is practically invisible when not on. This front LCD makes this camera ideal for self portraits and professional family photos. If you have a problem with your little kids not looking at the camera it even plays a cute little animation in the front LCD to capture their attention.

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