iPad 2 Deals in Time for Christmas

The iPad 2 has been without doubt this years stand out gadget, with just under 75 percent off all tablet sales this year, but if you have yet to take the plunge into tablet computing we have the best iPad 2 deals that you can get your hands on before Christmas.

Compare iPad 2 Deals

Retailer Wifi WiFi+3G
16GB 32GB 64GB 16GB 32GB 64GB
£399 £479 £559 £499 £579 £659
£399 £479 £559 £499 £579 £659
£399 £479 n/a £499 £579 £659
£399 £477.80 £557.80 £497.80 £577.80 £657.80
n/a £479 £559 £499 £579 n/a
£399.97 £474.97 £539.98 £496 £569.98 £664
All Retailers
* All prices correct as of 14/12/2011

Is it from the future?

iPad 2 Deals

We’d forgive you for thinking that. The iPad 2 is incredibly thin and light – more so than its predecessor – weighing in at a fantastic 1.33 pounds. At 0.34 inches, it’s also incredibly slender. But these aren’t just clever design choices to make it the most attractive tablet on the market. The iPad 2’s frame houses phenomenal technology that allows you to browse the internet, watch movies, read books, discover apps that make your life a whole lot easier and much, much more!

10 hours of multitasking magnificence

So, there must be compromises for such a fantastic design, surely? Not at all – in fact, the iPad 2’s battery life is head and shoulders above its competitors. After a full charge it can keep going for an amazing 10 hours, meaning you won’t be caught short when halfway through a movie or delivering a presentation at an important business meeting.

The reason? The brains at Apple have worked tirelessly to marry together some of the most technology-advanced hardware and software on the planet, all for the benefit of the consumer. Its unique Dual-core A5 chip comprises of two immensely powerful cores that make the iPad 2 instantly responsive, making multitasking home and business life an absolute breeze.

Get closer with FaceTime Perfection

Fancy a spot of fast-paced FaceTime call action with your friends and family? The iPad 2 packs two amazing cameras – one able to record immense HD footage, with the other a fantastic VGA beauty. Both are able to effortlessly capture images, making FaceTime video calling one of the most technologically-advanced and seamless video calling services around.

Activate FaceTime and enjoy amazing conversations with the camera on the front, while switching to the camera on the back to show off your surroundings, the people you’re with and more. Fancy yourself as something of a movie maestro? You can use the cameras to record whatever’s around you. Why not make a fantastic short HD movie and email it to your friends when finished?

Take advantage of the incredible iOS platform

The boffins over at Apple have every right to toot their own horn when it comes to iOS. They’ve created the world’s most advanced mobile operating system that allows you to use their touchscreen devices in an incredibly fluid and effortless fashion. iOS 5 is the latest and most current incarnation of the platform, and allows you to take advantage of over 200 incredible built-in features such as Newsstand, iMessage, Notification Center and many more.

App-solutely amazing!

Thanks to its incredible iOS 5, consumers are able to make use of a phenomenal number of apps developed specifically for Apple’s products, whether to make their everyday lives easier or simply have fun! You can choose from over 140,000 apps from Apple’s App Store, including such smash hit games as Angry Birds, social tools such as Facebook and TweetDeck, and many more.

An unbeatable way to stay connected

Your iPad 2 will go out of its way at all times to make sure you have the best wireless connection possible. Don’t feel bad, it’s what it’s paid to do, after all… Its built-in sensors and wireless technology will automatically detect present Wi-Fi networks or places with 3G connectivity. The benefits are obvious – check your work emails from anywhere you can get a good reception, surf the web from the most unlikely of places and more.

Power with perception

The iPad 2 comes with an inbuilt accelerometer, compass and three-axis gyroscope. The accelerometer grants even more usability to consumers, and allows them to use the iPad 2 to however best suits. The accelerometer lets you use the iPad 2 in either a vertical or horizontal fashion, while the compass and gyro combined sense the iCloud Built Indirections and movements of the iPad 2. Perfect for orienteering, playing games and more! The iPad 2’s tilt controls are unrivalled, giving you a sense of depth and usability simply not found on other tablets.

On cloud nine

Cloud computing is the future. Trust Apple to get in there first, then… Apple’s iCloud service takes all of your content and pushes it to all of your other Apple products, whether music, documentation or more. Bought a new song on iTunes? iCloud will make sure that it appears on your other apple products without you having to lift a finger.

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