Immortalising Flower Gifts

The gesture of presenting or sending a bouquet of flowers to a loved one is a lovely gesture, but the problem is that the beautiful flowers come in cheap vases. Then they die a few days later and have to be reluctantly tossed in the rubbish bin, and the vases they come in are discarded or seldom used again. So basically, you’ve gone and spent a small fortune on a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but there is ultimately no evidence of this thoughtful gesture.

This is not to say that you should ever stop buying flowers for your loved one. But with a little bit of extra thought, you can make that gesture last, so that your loved one always has a reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Option number one is to present the flowers in an upgraded vase: a gorgeous, sparkly Waterford hand-crafted crystal vase, for example. Such a gift can be treasured and reused forever, long after the initial bouquet of flowers have bitten the dust. Elegant, expensive glass vases can also be used for purposes other than holding flowers. They can also hold votive candles or they can be decorative accessories on top of bookshelves and coffee tables. Simply fill them with decorative items such as colourful marbles, smooth stones, or wine corks.

Option number two is to buy a flowering plant, rather than cut flowers. Stunning flowers such as orchids can be cared for and enjoyed for countless years. If given very proper care, orchids are virtually immortal. There are some orchid plants alive today that were brought into England in the early 1800s. They are also portable and make the most gorgeous centrepieces.

How’s that for gifts that keep on giving?

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