Holiday Party Essentials

The holidays offer a great reason to get together with friends and family, and offer an extremely valid excuse to throw a good party. Whether you’re planning an ugly Christmas sweater party, or want to host a great evening for friends and family to usher in the New Year, a bit of planning will go a long way in ensuring a great event.

A key component to a good party is the music. You’re going to want to decide exactly what role the music is going to play in your event. Unless you’re trying to throw a night club like event, PA systems might be a bit over the top. However, your music selection will go a long in helping create a good party environment. So weather you hire a DJ or let your mp3 player choose the music, make sure what you play fits your party. For a social event play something that hangs in the background. If you want people to dance, play something funky.

A great party has to offer your guests something to nosh on.  At the minimum you should have a buffet of snacks, such as crisps or cheeses and cold cuts. Make sure you pair your alcoholic beverages with plenty of non alcoholic alternatives, especially if this is an all ages event. If this bash is set for New Years Eve, shop around for some sparkling wine offers, and load up the party with some bubbly.

If your party is a family event, you’re going to have to include activities that will keep the children entertained. The Nintendo Wii offers a multitude of great party games suitable for all ages. Don’t be surprised if you see some of the older guests getting in on the action. Guitar Hero or Rockband are also great games that can easily be set up to entertain a large number of people.

Set a date and send out your invitations in a timely manner. With the hectic schedule of the Holiday, giving people ample time to plan for you events will ensure a better turn out. Personalized invitations add a great touch, and can be made up rather easily.

Keep a taxi number handy to make sure all guests make it home safely. And remember the main objective, have fun!

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