DS Games Kids Will Love

Handheld gaming has been a big part of Nintendo’s company history. They originally started as a playing card company and ventured into the toy market with the Ultra Hand. Once they captured a firm hold on the gaming industry with the Famicom, they came out with the Gameboy in 1989. The Gameboy has saved sanity on many a family roadtrip and the latest incarnation of their handheld consoles, the DS, is a testament to Nintendo’s expertise in hand held gaming.

Just by sales alone, the DS is one of the top selling consoles (consoles, not just hand held consoles) of all time, surpassed only by Sony’s Playstation 2. The gaming technology is solid, but what makes the system shine is the amount available games in their library.

At the top of the list is of course the highly addictive Pokemon series only available for Nintendo. Another series that children have been enthusiastic about, both on the playground and on handheld console are the Bakugan games. They encompass a similar collecting and monster fighting satisfaction as the Pokemon games and the DS Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Defenders of the Core are definitely games the kids will love.

Also, the LEGO games have been very popular, mainly the Harry Potter and Star Wars games, but the LEGO Batman game has some fine characteristics. You can control Batman’s gadgets with the touch screen and the DS version features many extra characters not available on the other consoles.

Nintendo’s iconic Mario character always occupies a warm spot in gamer’s hearts so if you’re looking for the best games for any Nintendo system go for the Mario themed ones like the Mario Kart games, the story games and sports games to make sure your library is well-rounded.

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