Trade in Your Cheap Deskop PC for LCD TVs

I love TV, but I’m tired of watching it on my cheap desktop PC. Plus, have you heard about this planned PC tax for online TV? Whatever, it’s time to spring for a new set anyway. I’m starting to get an Igor hunch from perching over my computer monitor at night.

First, on our quest for home entertainment, we’ll need to look at some satellite boxes.  The Humax Foxsat is a good starting point.  With access to over 140 freesat digital channels and radio stations, no HD or SD charges, easy instal and easy operation, it will be a welcome addition to your home entertainment center.

For your TV, just forget about plasma screen. Do they even make plasma screen TVs anymore? I know that there is a slight image quality superiority to LCD TVs, but I’ve heard too many horror stories about terrible images getting burned onto plasma screens. No worries there with LCD.

For screen size, you really only need something between 32 and 42 inches. Anything bigger is self-indulgent and unccessary. You should probably just spend the extra money on buying new contact lenses. Stop compensating.

You’ll of course want to invest in a high definition capable set, which should be no problem in todays TV market. With 100 hz you’ll be fine and your TV will be able to keep images crips for those sharp camera swings.  Blu-ray players are cheap ways to watch HD films. Blu-ray players are also able to play DVDs for all you stragglers out there. Lastly, keep in mind the lines per frame so you can take full advantage of your HD capabilities.  As a point of reference, our old sets did 576 lines, and the top TV’s now do 1080 frames per line.  You’ll be fine with an entry level TV that handles over 760 frames per line.

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