A Case for the Desktop PC

With the advent of Wi-Fi, mobile phones, and laptops the entire world seems to constantly be on the go.  Mobility has become a key purchasing factor for many computer users.  However, throughout all of this, the desktop PC still retains a strong degree of relevance. Although a desktop forces you to sacrifice mobility and size, it offers numerous advantages to the user.

Besides offering equal or better performance than laptops at a fraction of the price, desktops offer further benefits.  A desktop gives the purchaser a much wider range of customizable features.  When building a desktop, you are given the option to choose a wide range of hardware components, ranging from graphics and video cards to processor, CD drives, RAM, and hard drives.   Even the monitor, keyboard, and mouse can be chosen to best match your preference.

Desktops offer easy to access individual hardware components for upgrades and repairs.  If you find yourself running out of memory, additional RAM can be installed in minutes.  Other hardware components, such as your video and graphics card can also be easily interchanged with little fuss.

To this day, desktops are favoured among those who play PC games.  The latest game titles can push the limits of existing systems.  Let’s take a look at the highly anticipated COD Black Ops.  Specifically, let’s take a peak at the MINIMUM system requirements to properly run this game.  2.93 GHz processor.  Geforce GTS 240 graphics card.  2GB of Ram. 12GB of hard drive space.  No small task for the average lap top.  A breeze for even an average desktop.

If you value performance over mobility, performance at a low cost, and the ability to easily upgrade your machine, choosing a desktop seems an obvious choice.

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