Buying a new LCD TV, no big deal right?

In a world that has become more sensitive to the cost of living, I have recently undertaken a home improvement project with the brief of creating a ‘fresher’ modern living room on a very limited budget. In essence much of the effort has been focused on clearing away clutter and filling in various cracks in the walls before applying a coating of white paint. The basics are complete and a few finishing touches will really transform a rather tired looking living space.

The center piece of my home makeover is a nice new LCD TV. It’s probably the only real extravagance on the whole project and to really give it that ‘pizzaz’ I wanted a nice white LCD TV. That’s where my problems started. A quick search on the moneysupermarket shopping comparison service revealed a very limited number of televisions to choose from. There is a limited range on smaller screen versions ranging from 19” to 21” but I wanted a bigger 32” – 40” TV screen for that big picture visual delight. I’m ignoring all other technical specifications such as HD ready TV, Mghz, contrast ratio, HDMI input or is that output? The comparison capability of a shopping engine is great to do a quick analysis of which TV is a better spec but I just want a nice big glossy white LCD TV from a leading brand.

Although I’ve been surprised by the limited choice, I did eventually get some joy. It appears leading TV manufacturers like Sony, LG, Toshiba, Sharp and Panasonic don’t really cater for this market. Therefore Samsung have come to my rescue with models such as the ue40c6510 looking great value for money, available from most of the leading retailers and using the price comparison service a saving of over £400.

I’ve learnt a lot on this project. The bit that I thought would be the easiest and most enjoyable aspect has proven the most difficult. Most LCD TVs are black, I can only assume that is because customers only want their televisions in one colour. I can’t help thinking that if more choice was available then consumers would broaden their choices. The Nintendo DSi is a great example in the consumer electronics arena : when a market gets saturated, introduce more choice for consumers. I look forward to buying a bright yellow model in the near future.

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