Compare alternative bonds

If you are looking to invest a lump sum but want an account that can beat inflation, offers fixed interest rates that rise each year, or tracks the Bank of England base rate, then take a look at some of the alternative bonds which are available.

Sorry, we don't have any alternative bonds available at the moment. Why not look at the selection of fixed rate bonds below?

Fixed rate bonds - Maximise your savings by fixing - featured accounts - ordered by term then rate (AER)

  1. Great for
    Allows unlimited top-ups for first 30 days
    Support 7 days a week and a choice of monthly or annual interest
    Part of Renault’s global banking group
    But be aware that
    RCI is part of a French group, the first 100,000 euro of savers' money - equivalent to £70,634 (correct as of 04.11.2015) - is protected by the French Deposit Scheme, rather than the usual £85,000 protection currently offered by UK-owned banks
  2. Great for
    A Sharia'a compliant savings account
    Quick and easy online application process
    UK based ethical bank with full UK regulation. The bank operates under Islamic finance principles
    But be aware that
    Withdrawals are not permitted within the fixed term
  3. Market leading

    Market leading 5 year fixed rate bond

    Great for
    Guaranteed rate of interest for the term of the investment with interest payable annually or upon maturity
    Sterling denominated
    By depositing your savings with Agribank you are supporting British farmers. Deposits held with Agribank are invested into the British agricultural community
    But be aware that
    Must be more than 18 years of age and a UK citizen. Savings are not covered by the FSCS but the Maltese Compensation Scheme set up by the Maltese Financial Services Authority covering up to 100,000 EUR or its Sterling equivalent.
    Withdrawals are not permitted during the term
    Investment must be funded from a UK bank account. Minimum investment £5,000.

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