Compare alternative bonds

If you are looking to invest a lump sum but want an account that can beat inflation, offers fixed interest rates that rise each year, or tracks the Bank of England base rate, then take a look at some of the alternative bonds which are available.

Sorry we don't have any alternative bonds available at the moment. Why not look at the selection of fixed rate bonds below?

Fixed rate bonds - Maximise your savings by fixing - featured accounts - ordered by term then rate (AER)

  1. Great for
    Interest paid on a semi-annual basis
    FSCS protected - £85k per person
    Applying online
    But be aware that
    No funds transferrable in or out of account
  2. Great for
    Quick and simple online application
    Long term savers
    Vanquis are a UK based bank with full FSCS protection
    But be aware that
    No withdrawals allowed within the term and no additional contributions permitted

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