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  • It's your home, keep it that way

    The human face of this recession has undoubtedly been the families whose homes have been repossessed and those desperately struggling with mortgage arrears.

    Felicity Hannah

    Updated: 09 October 2009

  • Get help to end your debt worries

    Debt advice is a murky, unregulated world, with horror stories about people already struggling with their debts ending up in an even worse position after approaching a debt ad

    Jessica Bown

    Updated: 02 October 2009

  • What to do if you're in debt

    Most people would agree that bankruptcy is best avoided at all costs - especially if you own your home or business, as these will be taken from you to pay your creditors.

    Jessica Bown

    Updated: 25 September 2009

  • Is a Debt Relief Order right for you?

    Until very recently, bankruptcy was the only option available to people whose debts had become so out of control the only option was to wipe the slate clean and start again.

    Jessica Bown

    Updated: 18 September 2009

  • What are credit debts?

    In this article, National Debtline takes a look at credit debts, such as credit card balances and personal loans. Once you've paid your essential bills and priority debts, any

    National Debtline

    Updated: 15 September 2009

  • The real impact of going bankrupt

    Bankruptcy is generally viewed as a last resort for people with serious debt problems. But the recession, and the job losses it has caused, has pushed more people towards this

    Jessica Bown

    Updated: 11 September 2009

  • How to offer a reduced rate to creditors if you're struggling

    National Debtline

    Updated: 24 August 2009

  • Tips if you're struggling with Council Tax

    If you're finding it difficult to repay your debts, National Debtline recommends prioritising some arrears and bills ahead of others. Council Tax is one of these debts and in

    National Debtline

    Updated: 12 August 2009

  • How to prioritise your debts

    Certain debts need to be treated as priorities when you're struggling, according to National Debtline. In this article, the charity takes a look at which debts are critical an

    National Debtline

    Updated: 12 August 2009

  • Why some debts are more important than others

    If you are struggling to repay what you owe, National Debtline recommends working out which debts are priorities and meeting them first. In this article, the charity outlines

    National Debtline

    Updated: 12 August 2009

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