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  • Take the right kind of credit card on holiday with you

    Using a credit card abroad isn’t a bad idea, as long as you’re packing the right kind of plastic. We show you how.

    Mark Hooson

    Updated: 15 June 2016

  • How a credit card can help pay for your next holiday

    We all know that holidays can be expensive, but regularly using a credit card could help you pay for your break. Here’s how…

    Melanie Wright

    Updated: 14 June 2016

  • 10 credit card tips

    Credit cards can be hugely useful when it comes to spreading the cost of large purchases; they can also help you to make big savings if you take advantage of the many cashback

    Jessica Bown

    Updated: 25 May 2016

  • Saying I do? Top 6 ways to fund it

    No matter how strict you are with your budget, weddings don’t come cheap – in fact, the average wedding costs around £20,000.

    Rachel Wait

    Updated: 03 May 2016

  • Why it pays to use a credit card - even if you have the cash

    A credit card is a great way to spread the cost of a big purchase into manageable instalments if you don’t have the cash to pay upfront. But there are reasons to use a credit

    Mark Hooson

    Updated: 28 April 2016

  • Loans versus credit cards: Which is right for you?

    Most of us will have to borrow money at some point in our lives, but should you go for a loan or a credit card?

    Melanie Wright

    Updated: 14 April 2016

  • Best credit cards to buy petrol with

    No matter whether you use your car for long-distance commuting purposes or just the school run, the cost of petrol can quickly add up.

    Rachel Wait

    Updated: 24 March 2016

  • Virgin relaunches 40-month balance transfer card

    Competition in the credit card market is going from strength to strength, so if you’ve got debt sitting on a credit card charging you interest, this is the ideal time to do so

    Rachel Wait

    Updated: 07 March 2016

  • Snubbed for credit? How to fight back

    Having a good credit score is massively important.

    Jessica Bown

    Updated: 25 February 2016

  • How to make a PPI claim

    If you think you’ve been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) you should start looking at your options for claiming back the money as the banks look to draw a line unde

    Mark Hooson

    Updated: 25 February 2016

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