That works out at 1,692 vouchers every single minute and shows that the UK is home to a growing number of bargain hunters.

It’s not just become socially acceptable to use discount codes and money-off vouchers, it’s become the norm. A new survey by First Direct shows that 38% of people would happily use a voucher on a first date, even though they’re out to impress.
Part of this growing awareness of the value of discounts is due to the recession. Many people have less disposable income than before, thanks to high inflation and stagnant wages, and so are looking to save money wherever possible.

It is also due to smartphones. It’s so easy now to browse vouchers while out and about that some shoppers won’t make a purchase or stop for a meal without quickly searching for a voucher code first.

How much can you save?

Last year, voucher fans in the UK saved an incredible £2.5billion every single month by using discounts and voucher codes, research shows.

On average, people in this country search for vouchers online at least six times a week and use at least three every two months.

Last year, the average voucher user saved £55 a month, while one in seven managed to get £100 of discounts every month. That’s well over a grand a year.

Where can you find discount codes and vouchers?

The vouchers channel has a huge variety of deals and discounts, covering everything from pizza to electrical goods.

Find the deal you want on our site and then you’ll either need to print out a voucher or you’ll be given a discount code to use when you come to pay the bill or make a payment online.

Download our free vouchers app to your smartphone and you can access voucher codes on the go – you’ll never pay full price for a pizza again!

Other ways to save…

The true bargain hunter doesn’t just settle for just vouchers. Even if you’ve scoured the web and your smartphone for discounts, you can often cut costs using money-saving smartphone apps.

Many of them won’t cost you a penny and can help you with anything from finding the cheapest car park in your vicinity to the best prices for your train journeys. Read our article ‘10 best money-saving apps’ for our favourites.

Cut grocery and fuel bills

A large chunk of everyone’s budget goes on household shopping, but there are several ways you can cut back on the cost of your big weekly shop.

For example, it’s worth stocking up on non-perishables when you spot a buy-one-get-one-free bargain or even buying some items in bulk from a retailer like Costco.

You can also save money by changing where you shop. The website shows you exactly how much your regular shop would cost at different supermarkets. That means you can make sure you’re getting the best prices for your specific basket.

It’s also surprisingly easy to cut the amount you spend on fuel. The website shows you where the best price in your area is. With the cost of a litre of unleaded ranging from 125.9p to 146.9p, knowing the cheapest place to fill up can make a big difference.

You can also watch our video on how to cut back on your fuel consumption – ‘How to use less fuel’.